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Sounds yummy!! We actually enjoyed our menu planning, even though we also had to account for vegetarians and one friend with a very serious nut allergy (as in requires an epi shot to the heart if she has something even cooked in peanut oil). Your pescatarian menu sounds like it'll be perfect - I'm sure no one will even notice that anything is missing.

your menu looks amazing and tasty! i love the late night option!

I think your menu sounds great as-is, but I do like the idea of clam chowder or butternut squash soup.
I think the late night option is a superb idea!

Are you kidding me? Those options are AWESOME! Meat, for the most part, is overrated. I'd rather get my protein from beans any day...


I'd be up for making some of these items at home, (cheesypullapartbread, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!) I'm on a big cooking kick, it's so cold!

Also--I think you should try to find some mini French friends for your wedding. I'll bet you can order them all frozen, like the butterflies!

Sounds excellent! Stop deliberating and just run with it. Your wedding is about YOU. For once, the people can go with your feelings! Educate them all that you don't HAVE to have meat to have a wonderful dinner. Besides, that is a beautiful menu, they won't even notice no meat!

Thank you much for this,i love this.


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