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What an absolutely beautifully lived life. And gosh, you look just like her. =) I bet it was such a gift that they were both at your wedding, passing on all their love to you, I'm sure. =)

Thank you for sharing their story.

I'm so sorry for your loss Sarah; I lost my grandfather and grandmother (also named Beatrice!) a couple of years ago and still miss her dearly. I'm still in awe that your grandparents were together for 72 years – what a love story!

This was such a beautiful post, a wonderful tribute to the life they lead together. 72 years!! I still cannot get over that. They sound like wonderful people and such loving grandparents. Lots of love your way. xo

My heart still goes out to you Sarah. What a lovely post documenting the years past. Thanks for sharing such an intimate look into into their lives, what an inspiration. Lots of love to you always. :)

MG, I love those forks. It reminds me of THE NEIGHBORS. "Husband!" Brides are really starting to step out of their color comfort and choosing bright bold colors. I love it.

Your story reminds me of my own grandparents. My grandpa visited my grandmother in the nursing home every day for a year until her fell sick and passed away. Four months later we lost my grandmother. In less than a month later they celebrated their wedding anniversary (together again). My grandparents lived well into their 80's. My grandparents didn't have a girl, so I asked my grandpa to walk me down the isle when I was married. They set such a good example for the younger generation. Thank you for sharing.

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